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Poverty, not SNAP, is the problem

By Scott Young, Lincoln Journal Star. June 13, 2017 In a column in the Lincoln Journal Star (“‘Gotcha’ mentality stiles needed dialogue,” June 3), Third District Rep. Adrian Smith wrote of his valid concerns about the culture in which we ind ourselves; “The ‘gotcha’ mentality rampant in politics divides us and prevents the real substantive […]

Why Debt Settlement Doesn’t Work

Many people I speak with have tried debt settlement, only to find themselves being garnished by one of their creditors because that particular creditor decided it wanted more money than what it was receiving through the settlement. The core problem with debt settlement is that one’s creditors do not bind themselves to any sort of […]

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New Office Location

The law office would like to announce the opening of its newest office location:  2111 South 67th Street, STE 300, Omaha, NE 68106.  It is located at Aksarben Village, which is near 72nd and West Center Road across from Baxter Arena.  This new location will be very convenient for clients.

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose

It is very important that information regarding a Debtor’s assets, liabilities, income and personal information be disclosed in its entirety and accurately on bankruptcy schedules. Why? because of instances such as the current fraud investigation into GM’s faulty ignition switches-something that affects potential future liabilities during the pendency of the bankruptcy case, found here In […]

Bankruptcy Myths

So, it has been quite a while since any posts have been made here, but things have been busy. We’ve had a few calls lately referring to various myths about bankruptcy, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss those. We already have a page dedicated to “Bankruptcy Misconceptions” here. The following […]

Violation of the Discharge in Bankruptcy

The discharge in bankruptcy means that the debts arising prior to the filing of bankruptcy are forever forgiven. There are some exceptions to discharge (e.g. reaffirmed debts, certain tax debts, certain domestic support obligations, etc.). The discharge order by a bankruptcy court prevents a creditor from attempting to collect on a pre-petition debt. Creditors are […]

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